Total offensive by Camarasa in Oviedo: Jesús Martínez leads the negotiation

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2023-05-31 04:15:00

It is at the moment the absolute priority of Oviedo. The blue club is making great efforts to retain Víctor Camarasa, still a Carbayón midfielder, whose contract ends at the end of June. Pachuca is redoubling efforts to try to extend his contract because he understands that he is a very valuable player for the project.

In the last hours there were many movements, also taking into account the interest of several teams, one of them Elche, recently relegated, which will have financial aid for the teams that fall into the Segunda pit. There are more sets that follow the track.

The managers of Oviedo will try to retain Camarasa and are preparing a great offer, which, however, does not go beyond the parameters in which Oviedo operates for the coming season. In this sense, the club hopes to extend the salary limit due to the departure of Borja Sánchez to Mexico, which is still being cooked.

Oviedo will enter money through that exit, which will serve to go to the market with more muscle and finance various operations. One of them, the one that is being pursued the most now, is the aforementioned renewal of the midfielder. The managers do not hide that it is complicated, but it is not ruled out either.

Jesús Martínez, owner of Oviedo, is directly participating in the negotiation, which shows the importance that the club attaches to having this player. Martínez was already the main promoter of his signing in January, on the last day of the market, negotiating himself with the footballer’s agents, old acquaintances of the Mexican.

That operation will have nothing to do with the one that is now being negotiated. To begin with, because the future of Camarasa is no longer managed by the representatives who brought him to Oviedo. To continue, because the blue club, in a lightning performance, closed his arrival in a few hours and paying him little more than the minimum salary plus an incentive for sports objectives.

In this context, his renewal is complicated, but the club is trying. Martín Peláez, president of Oviedo, is in contact with the footballer and his agents, as are Agustín Lleida and Roberto Suárez, general manager and sports director. That is to say, there is a common front to try to renew Camarasa. The reason is strictly sporting, because the club knows how difficult it is to find a midfielder of his characteristics in the market. That position was orphaned six months after the departure of Brugman, for which Montoro came, and in the eyes of the club it was the great problem of summer sports planning, which fell to Tito at that time.

If Camarasa continues, Oviedo, its rectors believe, would have a midfielder who has already shown that he can perform and also would not need any adaptation to the category. In addition, it is to the taste of Álvaro Cervera, who has already put his continuity in the hands of the footballer himself.

Camarasa’s position, as is well known, is to wait for Oviedo to present his proposal and then decide his future. Whatever happens with the Valencian, Oviedo will have to make adjustments in that area. Right now they are: Jimmy, Javi Mier and Mángel. Montoro will not continue and the situation is similar to that of last summer. This time they do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past, which is why the renewal of the Valencian is a matter of state (blue). At the same time, the continuity of Moro, who belongs to Lazio and depends on the Italian club, is also being sought.

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