Total solar eclipse in Chile and Argentina, the last of the decade-

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In South America, everyone is looking up to observe the most spectacular total solar eclipse of the year. On Monday the path of the complete phase of darkness will cross Chile and Argentina, coming from the Pacific Ocean and then continue its run in the Atlantic until sunset in front of the African coasts. Unfortunately in Europe it will not even be partially visible.

The timetables

The totality will begin at 13 local time (17 in Italy) in Saavedra, Chile, and will end at 13.25 (17.25 in Italy) in Argentina in Salina del Eje. Sierra Colorada, Argentina, the point where you can see the longest: 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

The next ones

The next total solar eclipse will be on December 4 next year, visible in South Africa and Antarctica, preceded on June 10 by a ring finger visible in the Arctic regions. In Europe it will be necessary to wait until 25 October 2025 for a partial eclipse in which the Sun in Italy will be covered from 20% (in Sicily) to 40% in the North-East regions. The Moon instead will be in eclipse next May 26 (not visible in Europe). It will also be possible to see well in Italy the one scheduled for May 16 2o22.

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