Totò Antibo came out of intensive care: “I am calm and confident” – The health conditions of the champion from Alfotonte improve, , hospitalized Wednesday morning in the intensive care of the Civico di Palermo for a pulmonary embolism. The former European athletics champion in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters, was transferred to the Cardiology ward.

“I felt very calm and serene. We are very happy about this”, says his nephew Andrea, who warns: “The road is still long but we are all hopeful. He would like to thank all of you, you are the most beautiful fans. He also thanks all the doctors and nurses in the intensive care unit and his doctor Oriano Mecarelli who is always been close in recent years. Thanks to everyone and thanks also from the Antibo family for the affection shown to us “.

Born in Altofonte on 7 February 1962, Salvatore Antibo, coached by Gaspare Polizzi, made 33 appearances for the national team. European champion of 5,000 and 10,000 meters in 1990. He played football until the end of middle school, met Gaspare Polizzi at the age of 17 and the partnership has never broken down.

With already excellent results as a junior (for the silver at the European Juniors he had received a prize of 700 thousand lire), we read in the card of the Italian Athletics Federation, upon entering the senior category “he immediately reached excellent levels, but he became aware of his strength only with the result obtained at the Olympic Games in Seoul “. So in 1989/90 he was the best cross-country skier in the world, “the last European to dominate before the Africans took matters into their own hands”.

Memorable his 10,000-5,000 brace (respectively with 27: 41.27 and 13: 22.00) at the European Championships in Split in 1990. This even though on the shortest distance he crashed by collision with an opponent after just 20 meters of running. Two years earlier he had finished second in the 10,000 at the Olympic Games behind Moroccan Brahim Boutayeb (27: 23.55 vs 27: 21.46). Since 1991 he has suffered from a form of epilepsy and in February he underwent an operation.




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