Toulouse: a 54-year-old man kills his wife then reports himself to the police

Toulouse: a 54-year-old man kills his wife then reports himself to the police

2023-09-27 04:31:49

Horror, right in Toulouse. Tuesday morning, around 8:45 a.m., a man called the police to explain that he had just killed his wife in her apartment located in the Casselardit district. The death of the woman, aged around fifty, was noted by the police when they arrived on site. The man was immediately taken into custody.

The victim’s body “was bathed in a puddle of blood”, states the public prosecutor of Toulouse in a press release that Le Parisien was able to consult. “According to the first findings made by the public prosecutor and the forensic doctor (…), the weapon used in the attack could be a hammer with which several blows were struck on the victim’s skull,” he continues. .

The motive for the murder still unknown

The couple was, according to the first elements of the investigation, without history and unknown to the police. He lived in an apartment with three children, from different unions, and one grandchild.

The motive for the murder is currently unknown, but the man’s attack on his wife “seems to have been extremely violent since the eldest daughter, present at the scene when the argument began, left the apartment to go get help from a nearby business,” reports the prosecutor.

This same eldest daughter, in a state of shock, was transferred to the emergency room of Purpan hospital. The other two children were entrusted to relatives of the couple.

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