Tourism, Covid moves Italian holidays online

Covid has also had an impact on the tourism sector in ‘moving’ online governance and management of more traditional tourist services
. From booking to stay, up to bureaucratic aspects, even the small Italian companies that enhance the territory are in fact managing the relationship with guests in digital form. To intercept the digital trend of Italian holidays were Beddy and Scloby, two companies part of the Zucchetti group, who announced that they had integrated the activities thus allowing a completely cloud management of Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Residences, Agritourisms and Property.

Digital technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain and Big data, in fact, they are significantly changing the structure of supply and the dynamics of demand, both to reduce contacts between people in times of pandemic – thanks to digital check in and check out, booking of services via App and strictly contactless payments – both to improve the efficiency of the management report Scloby and the PMS Beddy.

And the intertwining between the two companies was ‘fatal’ since the first owns a multi-platform software solution that replaces cash registers with tablets, smartphones or PCs, and the other is an innovative cloud platform that manages all the reception and online sales departments of an accommodation facility. “Thanks to the integration of the two software, it is possible to manage the entire stay in the cloud of customers: from room reservations to table or bar service, up to room charges and a fast and intuitive checkout “underline the two technology companies.

Dario Vinciguerra, CEO of Beddy (Zucchetti Group), observes that “Italy is one of the countries in which the market for small hotels has been for years
and non-hotel facilities has grown more “.” This is mainly due to the entrepreneurial fabric, made up – explained – by small and medium-sized enterprises and the characteristics of the tourist and real estate area where the presence of old houses to be revalued, islands, villages and territories that favor the birth of small structures in new or old houses “.

“Scloby historically addresses medium-sized companies, but we realized that above all in the hotel sector is critical

supply even to small businesses simple digital services

and integrated and simple support. This is what we do thanks to the integration between Beddy and Scloby with solutions that thanks to the cloud can be perceived as a single service “explains Francesco Medda, CEO of Scloby (Zucchetti Group).

Finally, in manager indicates that “in this way it is possible to support those who have decided to open a new structure
, helping him throughout the process: from bureaucratic fulfillments to managing the influx of guests in safety, up to the opportunity to accompany tourists throughout the customer experience “.


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