tovino thomas: ‘I was always inspired by body beauty’; About Salman Khan Tovino – has been an inspiration when it comes to building a commendable physique even before i started out my film career, actor tovino thomas about salman khan

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  • The Minnal Murali promotion is underway in Mumbai
  • Tovino has arrived with new pictures

Actor Tovino Thomas is one of the notable young actors in Malayalam. Tovino’s upcoming film is Minnal Murali. The movie will hit Netflix on December 24. Tovino wrote on social media that he met Bollywood superstar Salman Khan when he arrived in Mumbai to promote the film.

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‘Even before I started my film career, he was always inspired by bodybuilding. But what surprised me was that I met you now. How humble you are despite being the biggest superstar in India itself. Now you are an inspiration to me in terms of humility and humanity. I’re so happy to be able to spend time with you, sir. ‘, Tovino shared a picture with Salman.

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Tovino’s picture with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan went viral on social media in no time. Tovino also shared a picture with cricketer Yuvraj Singh the other day which went viral. Directed by Basil Joseph, Minnal Murali is produced by Sofia Paul under the banner of Weekend Blockbusters.

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