Baumgartner’s exultation for the decisive goal against Ukraine

Saturday night at Wembley the Italy of Roberto Mancini will challenge the Austria of Franco Foda (of a Venetian father) in the round of 16 of the European Championships. All in 90 minutes (or 120): whoever wins goes to the quarters, whoever loses goes home. There is no room for errors.

If Austria made it to the knockout stage (for the first time in their history) they owe it to the goal scored by Cristoph Baumgartner against Ukraine of the duo Shevchenko-Tassotti. The 21-year-old midfielder evidently has Italy in its destiny: not only because he is about to face the Azzurri, but also because he has long dreamed of playing in our Serie A.

The round of 16 against Italy? They will be very special, we have already made history, but our adventure is not over yet. The goal? I still don’t realize it “, said the player, who has been a member of the Germans for five yearsHoffenheim.

Congratulations to the observers of the biancoblu team, who sensed its potential when Baumgartner was still playing for the boys of the St. Pölten: brought to Germany for a loaf of bread today it is worth around 22 million, but Hoffenheim protected themselves by extending their contract until 2025 just before the start of the European Championships, just to avoid unwelcome surprises.

And once again the Teutonic leadership proved far-sighted, because in the footsteps of the young and brilliant player the Bavaria Monaco, who does not want to leave talent lying around the Bundesliga, later followed by Manchester United e Liverpool.

More than the English sirens, however, Baumgartner seems sensitive to the Italian ones, having the ambition to become a protagonist of our Serie A. And there would be a very concrete possibility: the Milan set her sights on him as a possible replacement for Hakan Calhanoglu, sensationally passed to the cousins ​​of Inter.

The expected challenge on Saturday can really be a decisive stage, not only for our growing chances in the tournament, but also for the career of the jewel Baumgartner.

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