Tower of Fantasy Team Announces Bug Fixes for Thunderblades Awesome and Decides on Nerf, Full Frigg Character

Tower of Fantasy Team Announces Bug Fixes for Thunderblades Awesome and Decides on Nerf, Full Frigg Character

Friday, August 26, 2022, 22 o’clock, 11 minutes, 11 seconds, Indochina time

Flashback to last night in one of the games. MMORPG The famous has issued an announcement to improve the game’s servers regularly. August 26, 2022 since 13.00 It’s time 4 p.m. which has interesting editing details including the correction Bug various of the game

for Bug There are a lot of things that the team needs to fix, whether it’s a different display within the game, to Bug Display of wearable devices like Animal Hairpin to display Error When it comes to male characters and many others, but what’s been said the most is probably the solution. Bug the best of Thunderblades that can be used in conjunction with Jetpack and in addition to creating Damage Severely, this attack was not broken. Stamina as well, with the following methods:

  • press jump
  • press Jetpack
  • Press left click to hit.

for friends who wondered how violent it was Let’s watch from the picture below that the author has had the opportunity to go down. ” wide dimensional groove Together with friends and with such a technique the author Reed Damage came out full until 9 million can be called the most complete

But with the latest patch, the team has fixed it. Although such techniques can still be used. But there will be adjustments in terms of losses. Stamina that originally would not be wasted This is a good solution. And to the point in the most extreme way, although the author feels a little pity But it must be accepted because it is Bug that should be fixed in the most extreme way

In addition, in the latest patch of the game Tower of Fantasy A new gacha character has also been added. Frigg Enter the game for friends to see information in advance. But what’s interesting this time is the characters. Frigg because there has been Nerf The ability is down from the original to the extreme, so friends who are expecting the character. Frigg As strong as a Chinese server, it’s hard to say.

I have to wait to follow that after this character. Going to the game, will there be any adjustments in the future? We have to wait to follow each other.


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