KNOB. “The presence of asbestos was found in the site affected by the fire on 6 April, which was immediately reclaimed”. Thus began the communication of the mayor of Manoppello, Giorgio De Luca, who on the Facebook page of the Municipality communicates to the citizens the results of the Arta surveys on the fire that broke out last Tuesday in a shed of a metal factory in via Tiburtina.

“I was contacted by the general manager of the regional Environmental Protection Company”, continues De Luca, “whose technicians carried out the samplings, on fire extinguishing water, roof and air, on the site of the factory in via Tiburtina destroyed by a fire on Last April 6. While awaiting the transmission to the Municipality of the official results of the analyzes elaborated by the ARTA, the same informed me of the positivity to the asbestos fibers of the roof of the building affected by the fire.

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News that worries us but pushes us to work for the quick and definitive reclamation of the area which is the only effective solution to reduce risks. The invitation, to residents in the immediate vicinity (50 meters), is to stay outdoors as little as possible (naturally wearing a mask), to keep doors and windows of the houses closed, not to eat vegetables collected in the area affected by the fire if it has not been washed very well before. The director of the ARTA also informed me that the results of the analyzes will be sent on Monday 12 April as well as to the Municipality of Manoppello also to the competent Local Health Authority which will indicate all the measures to be taken to safeguard public health “.

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