“Track all types of vaccinations and vaccinate everywhere”

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“The position paper on vaccinations for adults and the elderly presented today by HappyAgeing is a very complex document that is based on numbers, data and evidence and concludes with 7 points on which we must invest. They are all important, but I would focus on some proposals in particular “, ie on the need to trace all types of vaccination and to vaccinate even in spaces other than traditional ones. He stated it Antonio Poggiana, general manager of Asugi (Giuliano Isontina university healthcare company) and vice president of Federsanità Anci-Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the sidelines of the II National Assembly of HappyAgeing on the theme of immunization of adults and the elderly, held at the Frentani Congress Center in Rome.

“Today vaccinations are tracked very well and we must continue in this way for all types of vaccination – he underlined – The national vaccination register is therefore a plus that this pandemic has left us. We must also change vaccination strategy: it must not only take place in doctors’ surgeries, but in all places of life and work “. Against Covid “we have vaccinated in stadiums, fairs and congress areas; we must also take advantage of the events organized by the communities to make ourselves available”.

“We have had some important experiences in Friuli Venezia Giulia – highlighted the Dg Asugi – Sunday 10 October, for example, there will be the Barcolana and we will be there to vaccinate. We also vaccinate in front of gyms and swimming pools. I believe that in recent months it has been missing. clear and precise communication and this has caused many people to be afraid of vaccines. I fear that the same is happening also with regard to the third dose “anti Sars-CoV-2.

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