Traders are raising the price of rain tomatoes again in the wild

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Tiruppur: Prices of tomatoes have started rising again due to declining supply of local tomatoes. A kilo of tomatoes sold for Rs 70 in the market yesterday. 14 kg small tray, sold for 650 to 700 rupees, 28 kg large tray, sold for 1,400 rupees; Housewives were happy with the fall in prices. Meanwhile, tomato prices rose sharply yesterday. At Thennapalayam market, a 14 kg tray sold for 950 rupees and a 28 kg tray for 1,850 rupees. At the Southern Farmers’ Market, a 14 kg small tray sold for a thousand rupees and a 28 kg large tray for 1,800 rupees. At the wholesale price, a kilo of tomatoes sells for 60 to 70 rupees. Why the sudden rise in prices? Tomatoes can not be harvested from the plants and brought to the market safely. As a result, the supply of tomatoes to the Southern Farmers’ Market has declined from 8.5 tonnes to 3.5 tonnes. . Tomatoes, which were selling at Rs 50 per kg, rose by Rs 25 to Rs 75 at retail. It retailed at Rs 75 per kg yesterday.


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