Traders who sell eggs at Rs 60 will be fined Rs 1 lakh

The Batticaloa Magistrate’s Court Magistrate Peter Paul has ordered and ruled last Thursday to pay a fine of one lakh rupees to a trader who sold eggs at 60 rupees in violation of the control price at a trading post in the area of ​​the Batticaloa Headquarters Police Division.

Batticaloa District Nugarware Authority Assistant Director R.F. Anwar Sadat led the team on Thursday (24th), the day of the incident, carried out a surprise search operation.

At that time, when the price of eggs announced by the government was 50 rupees, a trader was caught selling eggs at 60 rupees in violation of that and immediately produced against him that day in the presence of the Batticaloa Magistrate Court Judge Peter Paul, who ordered him to pay one lakh rupees.

At the same time, while the government has announced the control price of eggs as 50 rupees, they have to buy eggs from wholesalers at 58 rupees and sell them at 60 rupees, and they can get only 50 percent of the profit.

In such a situation, when we sell eggs at 60 rupees to consumers, what if the consumer authority files a case against us for selling eggs at a price that exceeds the control price, and imposes a penalty of one lakh rupees per egg.

Therefore, many traders who were engaged in egg trading have stopped egg trading. Due to this, there is a severe shortage of eggs in the district.


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