Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange closed with price increases

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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange closed today with price increases. The Tel Aviv 35 Index strengthened 0.72% and the Tel Aviv 125 Index rose 0.87%. Tel Aviv 90 rose by 1.14%. As for the sectoral indices, the banks index led the gains when it strengthened by 2.96%, the real estate index climbed 1.40%, the communications and insurance indices rose by about 1%. The biomed index decreased by 0.81%.

Shares of Leumi, Poalim, Discount and Mizrahi Tefahot have concentrated large upward trading volumes. Shares of Perrigo, Nice, Teva and ICC concentrated large declining trading volumes.

A significant increase was measured today in Retailers stock which rose 9.34%. It is followed by outstanding rates today: Africa Residential, Partner, Fox, CamTech, Enlighten Energy, International and Damari.

The large decline rates were led today by the Inrom share, which fell 6.34%, followed by the shares of Perrigo, Max Stock, Electra, Productivity Network, Hilan, LivePerson and Magic.

The volume of trade today was about NIS 1.98 billion.

In New York, exchange rates are rising, and in Europe, green screens are also on the rise.

The Monetary Committee has decided to leave the interest rate unchanged at 0.1%: “Interest rate hikes have been recorded worldwide only in countries where there has been a significant deviation from the inflation target, while in Israel market expectations are within the target range.”

Max Stock reported that the net profit attributable to shareholders in the third quarter amounted to NIS 17 million. This compares with a net profit of NIS 20.7 million in the corresponding quarter last year. Excluding one-time effects, adjusted net income amounted to approximately 21 million, compared with 26.3 million in the corresponding quarter.

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The Moore Group won a RMI tender at the entrance to the Korazin business complex in Givatayim. The tender amounts to approximately NIS 225 million. The group is planning a 50-story tower complex, with a total area of ​​about 34,000 square meters, which includes, among other things, long-term rental housing, commercial and employment areas.

The Knesset’s Finance Committee approved the increase in the purchase tax for investors, as a second and third reading. The Finance Minister’s proposal to increase the purchase tax for investment apartments comes in light of the significant increase in demand for the purchase of residential apartments and the increase in their prices, and in light of the increase in the number of apartments purchased for investment.

Kamhada acquires a portfolio of four FDA-approved commercial products. The company reports that this is a deal that “changes the face of the company and positions it as a world leader in the field of plasma-based antibody preparations.”

Ilex Medical: Net income attributable to shareholders increased by 69% in the quarter and amounted to NIS 84 million, compared with NIS 50 million in the corresponding quarter in 2020. CEO Galili: “The results for the quarter reflect streamlining processes performed in the laboratory that led to improved profitability” .

ICC: Net profit of NIS 92 million in the third quarter of 2021, compared to NIS 51 million. In the first nine months of the year, the company’s revenues amounted to NIS 1.45 billion, compared with NIS 1.34 billion in the corresponding period last year, excluding one-time revenues.

NextStage: Positive results in a feasibility study of the FertiProt subsidiary. The experiment is part of a product development in the field of male fertility, to improve sperm motility and its ability to take root in insemination treatments.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange makes all trading data accessible and says it “increases transparency”; “According to the accepted standards in the world, from today it is possible to receive all trading orders in the order book (Market By Order)”.

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The net profit for Lapidot’s shareholders in the third quarter of 2021 amounted to NIS 29 million. This is compared to a loss of about NIS 2 million in the corresponding quarter last year. From the beginning of the year, the shareholders’ net profit in Lapidot amounted to NIS 78 million, compared with a net profit of NIS 150 million.

Sonovia reports a contract with a strategic customer from the field of aviation. An aircraft manufacturer is placing a follow-up order for Sonobia’s antibacterial products, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

Camtech reports completion of $ 175 million. The raising was completed by a private allotment of convertible bonds to institutional investors. The bond will bear 0% interest and will mature in 2026.

Knashour and CiiTECH will market the Provacan brand oils in Israel. This is a brand that enjoys high popularity in the UK, and its marketing is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

Abra: The net profit for the quarter was NIS 600,000, compared with NIS 1.5 million in the corresponding quarter. The company’s revenues in the third quarter amounted to NIS 62.5 million, compared with NIS 45 million in the previous quarter and NIS 8.8 million in the corresponding quarter. The increase is also due to the merger of acquired companies.

Inrom’s gross profit feels the inflation and the faltering supply chain: Gross profit was cut by 20% due to exogenous effects, financing expenses decreased, net profit was cut by 40% to 23 million compared to 39 in the corresponding quarter last year.

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