Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opens with falling prices, Nafta shares jump 8% by

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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opens the fourth trading day for this week with prices falling, similar to the trend recorded in the futures contracts in New York, when the report season picks up a gear.

As of 11:15 this morning, the Tel Aviv index falls 0.8%, the index weakens 0.9%, and the index loses 0.35%. Among the sectoral indices, the real estate index stands out, falling 1.3%.

On Tuesday, trading in Tel Aviv ended with slight declines when the Tel Aviv 35 index fell 0.2%, the Tel Aviv 125 index weakened 0.1%, but the banks index added 0.9% contrary to the trend.

U.S. futures are trading down as much as 0.7% this early, after a mixed close on Tuesday, as investors eye this week’s megacap reports and fear a looming recession. Today, reports from IBM (NYSE: ), Boeing (NYSE: ), AT&T (NYSE: ) and after the close of trading Tesla (NASDAQ: ) will report last quarter results.

In the European markets, trading opened on Wednesday with a mixed trend. E decreases 0.1%, while E increases 0.1% and the E index weakens 0.05%.

As mentioned, partial trading took place in the Asian markets this morning, when the stock exchanges in China and Hong Kong remained closed for the Chinese New Year holiday. The Japanese index rose 0.35%.

The dual shares returned to Tel Aviv this morning with a small negative gap of 0.15%. On the negative side, Ofco (NASDAQ:) stands out with a gap of 2.7%, Nice (NASDAQ:) with a negative arbitrage of 1.2% and Nova (TASE:) with 1%.

On the other hand, ACL (TASE:) returns with a positive margin of 0.8%, and balances (TASE:) with a positive arbitrage of 0.4%.

Among the 125 Tel Aviv stocks that stand out this morning with share gains, Nafta jumped by about 8%, after announcing a dividend of 3.50 shekels per share, with a total amount of 330 million shekels, Equitel adds 2.1% and Partner gains 1.9% following its announcement of signing a deal with the company Ericsson Global, according to which it will establish for the first time in Israel the 5G Standalone cloud-based network – which is the next step in the 5th generation networks in the world.

On the other hand, Liveperson (NASDAQ: ) falls 5.7% and closes the arbitrage gap with which it returned from trading in New York, Acro weakens 4.9% and Ofco loses 4.1%.

Generation Capital (TASE:), which owns Solgreen (TASE:), reported this morning on a series of moves at the renewable energy company, in the framework of which Dror Sharon will be appointed CEO of Solgreen, and Erez Balsha, CEO of Generation Capital, will be appointed CEO to Solgreen temporarily, until the new CEO takes office. The company also announced that Solgreen will give up the purchase of land in Ramat Hovav which it won as part of a RMI tender. The company’s stock reacts with an increase of 2.2%.

Aisure Medical (TASE: ) jumps 7% in opening trade after announcing on Tuesday that it has received approval for a US patent for a cryogenic pump for the freezing technology system developed by the company.

In the foreign exchange market: the shekel strengthened on Wednesday, when it weakened slightly against the shekel and fell 0.3% to a rate of 3.349 shekels to the dollar, while it fell 0.15% and traded at 3.644 shekels to the euro.

Its price drops 0.76% to a price of $22,677 per bitcoin.

Oil prices rise on Wednesday. Its price adds 0.4% and is trading at a price of $80.447 per barrel, and the price of a barrel of oil is up 0.5% and stands at $86.5.

The price of an ounce is down 0.2% and is trading at $1,931.35.


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