Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange was closed with falling rates

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The stock exchange ended today’s trading, which is the last day of November, with price decreases, with daily calculation the Tel Aviv 35 index falling by 0.87% and during the entire month of November it fell by 5.57%. The Tel Aviv 125 index recorded a daily drop of 0.60% and a monthly of 4.73%. The daily turnover was high and amounted to NIS 2.3 billion.

In New York, a reddish trend – the Dow Jones 30 and the H&P 500 are down by about 0.6% and 0.10% respectively. The cracked composite increases by about 0.35%. In London, the FTSE 100 rises by about 0.95% and the Frankfurt DEX strengthens by about 0.30%.


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30/11/2022 17:59


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