Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange was closed with most of the main rates falling

The trading day at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange closed with declines in most of the main rates. The Tel Aviv 35 index weakened by 1.23% and the Tel Aviv 90 index fell by 0.70%. The Tel Aviv 125 index fell by 1.07%. As for the sectoral indices, the biomed index stood out as it plunged 1.83%, the real estate index fell 1.69%. In the gain sector: the banks index rose 1%, the oil and gas index rose 0.41%, the communications index rose 0.31%.

Shares Nice, Leumi, Mizrahi Tefahot, Poalim and Discount, concentrated large trading cycles on the rise. Shares of Teva, Bezeq and Elbit Systems, concentrated large trading cycles in decline.

A noticeable increase was measured today in the Generation Capital stock, which rose about 3.45%. Following her with notable increases today: Idea Insurance, Novolog, Navits Petar Yahsh, Partner, Direct Financing, Carso Motors and Israchart.

Today, Teva shares led the largest declines by 9.21%, followed by Rada, Parshkovski, Camtech, Nikes, Canon, Africa Magorim and Hajj shares.

The volume of trading today was about NIS 2.36 billion.

In New York, trading opened with falling rates and red screens in Europe as well.

Enlivex received approval from the Ministry of Health to start a phase I/II trial of the drug Allocetra. The main goal of the trial is to assess safety and tolerability during the treatment period and for a week after. Sub-goals include effectiveness assessments.

Bank Leumi presented a strong report with a return on capital of 18.5% in the second quarter. IBI update the target price to NIS 36.5 per share and a recommendation for a market return.

Kamada switched to a loss, but confirms the forecast for 2022. The company concludes a quarter with a net loss of 3.9 million dollars and a 3% decrease in revenues. The company anticipates that in 2022 there will be a 20% – 30% increase in revenues compared to 2021.

Nadav Berkowitz, real estate analyst from IBI Investment House: A market yield recommendation for Azrieli and a target price of NIS 300 per share.

The surge in the price of oil gave Navits a record quarter: the net profit in the first half of the year amounted to approximately 43 million dollars. The partnership produced 951 thousand barrels of oil, an increase of about 18% compared to the corresponding period.

The sale of the power plant increased Dor Alon’s total profit in the second quarter of 2022. Dor Alon’s EBITDA in the second quarter amounted to approximately NIS 143 million, an increase of approximately 16% compared to the corresponding quarter last year.

Isramco YSH: The net profit in the quarter amounted to 53 million dollars, an increase of 89%. The amount of gas sold from the Tamar reservoir increased by 57%, to 2.6 BCM. Revenues in the quarter grew to 109 million dollars.

At UBS they recommend a selective approach to the US stock market; It is estimated that the interest rate will rise by 50 basis points at the upcoming meeting in September and later this year we will see further increases.

Generation Capital sells 27% of Bon Tor to Leumi Partners and 2 other investors. The consideration for the transaction is approximately NIS 171 million. The expected profit is NIS 111 million and will be recognized in the second and third quarters of the year.

Terminal X: improvement in net profit to about NIS 2.5 million in the second quarter of this year. The gross profit in the second quarter of this year amounted to approximately NIS 41.8 million. The number of active customers increased to 550 thousand.

Malam Tim recorded an increase in revenue alongside a decrease in profitability in the second quarter of 2022. The net profit in the second quarter of 2022 amounted to approximately NIS 14 million compared to NIS 18.7 million in the corresponding quarter last year, a decrease of approximately 25%.

Hyper Global continues to grow; The net profit jumped by 75%. The company presented an increase of about 32.6% in revenues in the first half of 2022, which amounted to a total of about 132.7 million dollars, compared to a total of about 100.1 million dollars in the corresponding half last year.

Bank Poalim: The purchasing managers’ index rose by 4.2 points in July. The purchasing managers’ index of Bank Hapoalim and the purchasing managers’ organization rose by 4.2 points in July, to a level of 57.6 points. Most of the components of the index point to an expansion in industrial activity this month.

Housing and construction: revenues increased by 8.7%, the net profit amounted to NIS 120.5 million. The operating profit for the quarter amounted to approximately NIS 288.6 million, a rate of approximately 16.7% of revenues.

Demands amounting to approximately NIS 319 million in the institutional phase of the REIT 1 share issue. The company announced that it chose to raise approximately NIS 176 million in the institutional phase. The closing price in the tender reflects NIS 21.26 per share, about 2.5% above the closing price in yesterday’s trading.

The insurance sector affected the results of the Shlomo Holdings Group: the net profit decreased by about 36.8% compared to the corresponding quarter and amounted to NIS 91 million.

ACL and Lavi Bio in strategic cooperation to develop new biostimulant products: ACL will invest 10 million dollars in Lavi Bio; The collaboration will focus on the development of new biostimulant products to increase the efficiency of fertilizers.

Sonovia installed a Sonofix machine in the production line of Delta Galil. The machine was installed on the production line in Delta’s innovation center, where in the first stage the machine will be used for internal tests and after that the machine will be integrated into fabric tests for the brands with which Delta Galil works.

The strength of the shekel and problems in the supply chains hurt Mitronics’ bottom line: operating profit fell by 5.7% compared to the corresponding quarter, revenues increased by 13.6% to NIS 566.3 million.

Elbit will upgrade tanks for an international customer for $240 million. The $60 million contract will be implemented over a two-year period and a $180 million contract will be implemented over a four-year period.

Azrieli continues to grow: the NOI in the quarter amounted to approximately NIS 473 million. Excluding the increase in value of investment real estate, the company’s profits were approximately NIS 202 million.

Weak reports for Shofersal in the second quarter: the net profit was cut by 30%. The share of online sales decreased from 19.5% to 18.5%. The share of private label sales increased slightly and an increase of approximately 14% was recorded in the revenues of the Be segment.


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