Traffic changes have been made since Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Chennai today. Also, the Chennai Police has ordered the closure of shops.

Prime Minister Modi today inaugurated the Rs 31,500 crore central government projects in Tamil Nadu at the Chennai Nehru Indoor Stadium.

Prime Minister Modi, who is arriving at the Chennai airport from Hyderabad to attend the Chennai event, will fly to the INS Adyar base by helicopter. From there it is by road to Nehru Stadium at 5.45 pm. At the event held there, he dedicates 5 completed projects to the country.

Meanwhile, 22,000 policemen are on security duty in Chennai. All security arrangements have been made under the leadership of Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sanga Jiwal. 5 Additional Commissioners of Police, 8 Joint Commissioners, 29 Deputy Commissioners and 80 Assistant Commissioners are also involved. Prime Minister Modi is stationed for a five-foot guard on the road to Goa. Once every half an hour, the Bomb Disposal Squad checks the road leading to the Prime Minister.

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For security reasons, Chennai police have ordered the closure of shops at the Nehru Indoor Stadium and Periyamedu, where the Prime Minister’s event will be held, from the time Prime Minister Modi arrives until he arrives at the airport.

Similarly, as the Prime Minister was on his way to the airport by road after the incident, the police had instructed the traders to close their shops on the roads leading to Goa.

This includes roads in the Periyamedu area from 3pm to 8pm on Thursdays, E.V.R. The Metropolitan Police Traffic Division has requested motorists to avoid roads including GST Road and Anna Road and use alternative routes as vehicles can slow down at specified times.

Also, after the night event, all roads leading from the Nehru Stadium to the airport will be closed to other vehicles for the Prime Minister’s car.


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