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Exciting casting: are the old and the new finance ministers at the start today? Anne Will’s question is also tough: “The traffic light on the move – can red-green-yellow be financed?”

The guests

► Olaf Scholz (63, SPD). The finance minister is easily over the last hurdles on the home stretch to the chancellery.

► Robert Habeck (52). The Green Co-boss would like to become the new treasurer, but has strong competition.

► Prof. Ursula Münch (60). The political scientist warns the traffic light athletes: “The hardest is yet to come!”

► Claudia Kemfert (52). The energy economist tweeted defiantly: “Atomic energy is wrong” – even if more and more Europeans see it differently.

► Rainer Hank (68). The business journalist (FAZ) warns: “Morality helps with climate change at best to a limited extent. It may even do harm! “

Two know what, three comment on it. The Zoff-o-Meter is excited: How united are red and green when it comes to money?

Most contradicting moods

Scholz believes in an “optimistic mood not only among those who are now negotiating”. The talk show host still lists what red-green promised before the election and is not now keeping. Your pointed question: “Is non-government better than governing wrongly under the FDP?”

In an ARD clip, the green agitator Christian Ströbele etched against the FDP boss: “Lindner’s Porsche cannot be braked. Rich remains rich, poor poor. Too bad. Not good.”

Most amazing statement

“Sandpit games!”, Habeck railed, who was “terribly annoying” by the criticism. In addition, an eager nod from Scholz.

For the head of the Greens “it should first be noted that three parties are ultimately determined to give Germany a new government. The FDP has to go a long way back. “I beg your pardon? They are now being praised everywhere as being particularly assertive!

Most gaudy comparison

About the speed limit, Habeck says: “The speed on the autobahn in Germany is a bit like owning a gun in the USA. It does not make sense to me either that it is held up so high! “

Photo: The first

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Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (63, SPD)Photo: The first

Most concise acronym

Energy economist Kemfert is disappointed with the exploratory paper: “In the transport sector in particular, too little is happening!” She complains.

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Business journalist Hank is asked about the successes of the FDP. “I am neither a member nor any other sympi of this party,” he clarifies. “But I would see myself as liberal.”

“Ah! That’s nice, somehow, ”chuckles Will.

Ungnädigster Protest

The next one scatters Scholz-Pfeffer from the election campaign in Wills Talk-Soup: Top tax rate high, plus property tax plus inheritance tax. None of it survived. “How did Christian Lindner manage to demand that from you?” Asks the talk show host of the future chancellor.

“It is okay that you are following your obsessions here now,” Scholz grunts angrily, because he would rather “discuss economic policy and environmental policy”.

After all, the minister can elicit a few measures on basic child security, rents, pensions and the minimum wage. His conclusion: “In these points we have come as far as we have come.” Ah yes.

Then the Zoff-o-Meter starts

“I prevented the abolition of solos for the rich,” says Scholz.

“But it may now come via the Federal Constitutional Court,” suspects Will.

“That will not happen,” replied the finance minister leanly, “most of them also know that it is pretty clear.”

Wirtschaftsjournalist Rainer Hank (68) warnt: „Moral hilft beim Klimawandel allenfalls bedingt. Womöglich schadet sie sogar!“Photo: The first

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Business journalist Rainer Hank (68) warns: “Morality helps with climate change at best to a limited extent. It may even be harmful! “Photo: The first

Smartest tactic

“Really?” Wonders Will. “I don’t think the FDP knows that.”

“It’s not that clear, Mr. Scholz,” Hank also contradicts.

All the same! Scholz does what he likes to do in such cases: In a minute-long monologue, he throws everything upside down until nobody feels like untangling the tangle of arguments.

Highest form of approval

“We have achieved quite a lot,” says Scholz, praising himself again immediately afterwards. “Big improvements for this country! One shouldn’t disregard any of that! “

“I don’t,” defends the talk show host.

“If you want to forego taxes, you have to collect taxes elsewhere,” says Habeck. “There can only be relief if the economy and with it tax revenues recover. That’s what Olaf Scholz said, and that’s all you really can say about it. “Amen!

Most bombastic announcement

“We have a really big industrial renovation ahead of us,” predicts Scholz. Chemicals, steel, the citizens’ electricity consumption, everything with renewable energy, that is “not a cute event!”

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Rather, the minister went on to say, “This is the kind of modernization that Germany has probably lasted on this scale at the end of the 19th century, when Germany’s great industrial boom took place.” Wow! Bismarck, Bebel, Scholz!

The energetic demand of the candidate: “We have to get away from painting colorful pictures, we have to have a solid policy!”

Most elegant side puller

Will reminds that Habeck mocked the SPD advertisement “Olaf Scholz Climate Chancellor” as a “real mockery” a week before the election. And now?

Scholz smiles, Habeck giggles. “Together we will be a good climate government,” the Green then praised. “If Olaf Scholz is elected Chancellor, he will be Climate Chancellor.” Eureka!

Plumpest stepping on

Scholz still has one bill open: The “political resistance from the CDU and CSU” should have long “stopped fighting the expansion of renewable energies in Germany, which they did until the last second!” He rages.

“But isn’t it a little cheap to blame the Union for?” The political scientist dismisses him. “You were in this federal government for a long time and don’t seem to have been particularly assertive!”

Die Politologin Prof. Ursula Münch (60)Photo: The first

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The political scientist Prof. Ursula Münch (60)Photo: The first

Furious attack

Even Hanke does not want to let Scholz get away with the big sayings: “You are pretending that Germany alone can stop climate change,” he rebukes the candidate for chancellor.

Scholz leans forward aggressively: “It is good that you bring this up because I can tell you why you are wrong,” he snaps at the journalist.

Because, according to the candidate, after a pause for art: “We are the country that develops the technologies that lead to this being successful worldwide!” This is the only way to prevent Africa or Asia from continuing to bet on the bad coal.

Hm – in atomic technology we were once very far ahead, but the others are now continuing without us …

And Zoff again.

The scientists also get into a fight. Kemfert demands that the federal government stimulate the expansion of wind power. Prof. Münch warns of the many public protests against the new giant asparagus.

“There are a lot of areas where that would be possible,” claims Kempfert anyway.

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“But that doesn’t solve the problem,” Münch knows from experience. “In Bavaria…”

“Bavaria is actually a problem because they really refuse,” admits Kemfert without any further ado. Heidewitzka! The Bavarians! The energy economist adds something about “acceptance research” and “system relevance”. She prefers not to say anything about the fact that green animal and nature conservationists in particular are slowing down.

Die Energieökonomin Claudia Kemfert (52) fordert, dass die Bundesregierung den Ausbau der Windkraft ankurbeltPhoto: The first

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The energy economist Claudia Kemfert (52) demands that the federal government stimulate the expansion of wind powerPhoto: The first

Most magical formula

Habeck sums up his policy: “There are ways to revive the basic idea of ​​renewable energies, namely the democratization of the energy system with the participation of the citizens.” Ui!

Greatest laugh success

“There was no talk of the Ministry of Finance,” claims Habeck at the end. “This is all shadow boxing. I would never tell the untruth here! “

Hank laughs uproariously. “I believe Mr. Habeck, of course!” Scoffs Münch. But if the ministry goes to another party, doesn’t you have to negotiate all the more content into it?

Friendliest nosebreaker

“That’s just the magic that nobody knows who will hold the Ministry of Defense,” Habeck deflects. Scholz grins and remains silent: Soon no longer his construction site …

Hank does not want to let the two politicians get away with it so easily: “For the citizens it is not entirely indifferent whether you become finance minister,” he criticizes the Greens.

Because, according to the journalist: “If you listen to what you say about the debt brake and what Lindner says – it becomes all the more urgent that you say at some point what you figured out together.” Good luck!

Quote of the evening

Robert Habeck:

An exploratory paper is a strange genre of text to which the journalistic public has not yet quite got used to. It is the document that one dares to write a coalition agreement.


First post-election campaign with postcards and stepping down, then phrase-based direction finding messages through the glass ball into red-green cloud-cuckoo nebula. Scholz and Habeck like a ripped-off corporate boss with a motivated junior boss in front of an astonished workforce: That was a talk in the category “I know something you don’t know”.


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