Tragedy in Russia – Coal mine fire kills 14 workers |

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Rescuers say a search is underway for a number of people trapped in a coal mine fire in Russia.


Listasnia Coal Mining Company is located in the Russian state of Serbia. More than 250 workers were engaged in mining coal at a depth of 820 feet yesterday at the company’s mine.

Workers at the mine were trapped when the roof of the mine collapsed due to a terrible fire at the mine.

Upon learning of the fire, rescue crews rushed to the scene and rescued the workers. Of these, more than 225 were rescued alive trapped in the rubble.

As a result, 14 people died in the accident. Also, many were trapped in the rubble. Rescue operations are underway to rescue those trapped in the rubble.

There are fears that the death toll could rise further as many of those trapped in the rubble may have died.

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