‘Trang’ is frightened that the New Year’s festival causes ‘COVID’ a serious epidemic, speeding up vaccination to stimulate the public – Daily News Online

  1. ‘Trang’ is afraid of the New Year’s festival, causing ‘COVID’ to spread vigorously, speeding up vaccination to stimulate people daily news online
  2. COVID-19 outbreak! At the end of the year, the number of infected people is expected to be higher than this. in January next year CH7HD News
  3. Covid is on the rise! “Mo Yong” recommends hurry up to get vaccinated. Don’t wait for the new vaccine. online manager
  4. “COVID-19” on the rise. How much Thai people are awake to vaccinate to boost immunity? Thai Rath
  5. ‘Mo Yong’ suggests during the COVID uptrend Should I get a booster vaccine? or waiting for a new vaccine Thai Post
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