Transfer of flights from Santos Dumont to Galeão begins in Rio

Transfer of flights from Santos Dumont to Galeão begins in Rio

2023-10-01 16:28:00

Movement at Santos Dumont Airport Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil – 10.10.2022 The process of reducing flights at Santos Dumont Airport, in the center of Rio, and expanding frequencies at Galeão International Airport, in the north zone of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, began this Sunday, October 1st. The reduction in flights at Santos Dumont follows the public policy guidelines defined by the National Civil Aviation Secretariat, of the Ministry of Ports and Airports, which established a maximum limit of 10 million passengers at the terminal in 2023. See also Brasília Federal government signs resolution to limit flights from Santos Dumont Airport Economy Anac records biggest movement on domestic flights in 23 years Economy To try to reduce ticket costs, Anac wants to review passenger rights According to Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency), in September Santos Dumont recorded 5,028 flight frequencies (takeoffs). For October, 3,939 frequencies are projected. For November, 3,548. And, for December, 3,628. In return, Galeão International Airport will have an increase in flight frequencies and will operate to new destinations. In September, Galeão had 1,902 frequencies. In October, 2,443 frequencies are projected. For November, 2,749. And, for December, 2,976. With the restrictions imposed on Santos Dumont and the increase in flights at Galeão, the expectation is to make the concession of the international terminal more attractive to the private sector. Faced with the emptying of Galeão, the current concessionaire, Changi, announced, at the beginning of 2022, the withdrawal of the concession. However, with discussions about contract rebalancing and favorable interventions, he is considering reconsidering the decision. Read also With an increase in fights on flights, Anac is studying a rule to punish unruly passengers Air ticket prices vary by up to 270% in a year Tips for buying cheaper tickets on all airlines without falling into a trap The TCU (Court of Auditors of Union) recently decided that infrastructure concessionaires can go back on their decision to withdraw from contracts if the move is in the interest of the granting authority. The specific issue of Galeão is still being analyzed by the court, said the Minister of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho, last Wednesday. Rio authorities are putting pressure on the federal government for a solution that makes the operation of Galeão viable and consolidates it as a point of departure and direct arrival from abroad, which for some years has been diverted to São Paulo and Minas Gerais.
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