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Chalakudy: Transformers for people in Vellkett areas Tragedy.
Many places in low-lying areas flooded during heavy rains. Sformers have been established. In 2018 and beyond, water will rise many times in these places. Transformers are also likely to be off for days. Yi. Transformers installed periodically in low-lying areas Take into account the special situation and go to safe places where water does not enter. Congress Mandal Presida to accept KAISEB action to change Nt Shibu Valappan asked.
It can be counted as a single subject in a ward or an area. No tongue. When a transformer goes off completely, many households It makes sense. Following heavy rains for the past few days, the water levels have risen. Within the limits of the city council In Langal, the transformer will be off for days and the electricity here Tassup was also done. Thatchutaparanp, Karichula, Railway Station, Pascal Road, Kotat Thota Transformers are located in places called streets. The water is coming.
This matter has come to the attention of MLA Sanishkumar Joseph. Shibu Valappan informed.


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