Trapezius and Neck Pain: how to eliminate it

Trapezius and Neck Pain: how to eliminate it

Neck and trapezius (upper back) pain is very common. In fact, most of us have these pains persistently and have come to the idea that they are normal.
However, you can eliminate that pain with some exercises. Of course, you will have to be disciplined, but they work!

What do I need to eliminate my neck and trapezius pain?

– Silla
– Water bottle or dumbbells not too heavy
– Palo de escoba or pica

Exercises to relieve neck and trapezius pain

The first exercise is isometry, and it is about raising one shoulder while sitting. I tilt my head to the raised side and turn my head up, maintaining this position for 5 seconds.
Repeat the exercise in 5 series of 10 repetitions on each shoulder, even if it only hurts one

The second exercise is done with dumbbells or bottles, with 1.5-2 kg. Sitting, we drop our arms down with the weight in our hands and we do shoulder lifts, both at the same time, keeping 1 second up. We will do 4 series with 8 elevations each

The third consists of raising the arms and shoulders, as if we wanted to reach the ceiling, holding the weights. We hold 3 seconds up 8 times. If we can’t with the weight, we can use the stick or pike. In total, 4 series of 8 repetitions

In the fourth exercise we also need the weights, which we will hold in front of the body and bring the arms back, rotating slightly. We repeat 15 times and do 3 series.

In any case, don’t worry, in this video you have everything very well explained, and if you are consistent with these exercises, which will take you 15 minutes a day, you will see how you eliminate neck and trapezius pain forever


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