Trapped third phone number; This SIM was used when crossing Kerala border

Trapped third phone number;  This SIM was used when crossing Kerala border

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ∙ The alternate number in the application form for getting a new SIM card helped to nab Shahrukh Saifi. The SIM card with this number was used once in the phone found in the bag found on the railway tracks. This was confirmed by checking the IMEA no. This is Shahrukh’s third phone number.

After the Kozhikode attack, Shahrukh tried to board the Ernakulam-Ajmer Marusagar Express from Kannur to Ajmer. By the time he crossed the Kerala border, he was caught by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) when he made a phone call using his SIM card. Central agencies kept this number under surveillance and waited.

The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has already been instructed to search the train. As a part of this, Shah Rukh jumped from the train in a village called Kalambani near Ratnagiri station because he noticed that most of the railway stations were being inspected. Shahrukh also got injured in this fall.

The villagers took the person who fell from the train to the government hospital in Kalambani. As there were no doctors there, the hospital authorities took him to Ratnagiri Civil Hospital. It is recorded in the hospital that he fell from the train. After applying medicine to the wound, he was advised to rest, but Shah Rukh passed away from the hospital.

He was arrested when he reached Ratnagiri railway station and was waiting for the train. The IB team identified Shah Rukh from a photograph at the railway station. The delay in the process of Maharashtra ATS to hand over to the Kerala team also became a problem. Later, the DGP directly called the Maharashtra DGP and this was accelerated.

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First in Kerala; Shahrukh said he came for work

During interrogation, Shahrukh said that he and his father were carpenters and had come to Kerala in search of work. He also revealed that he is coming to Kerala for the first time. But he did not answer the question about who were his friends on the train and who he talked to.

The investigation team’s question was based on the information that Shahrukh had spoken to 3 people in the train. He also did not give a clear answer to the question about whom he contacted for work in Kerala.

English Summary : Third phone number trapped Shahrukh Saifi


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