Trat residents frightened of monkey pox After meeting a German tourist with suspected symptoms

Trat – Trat residents frightened of monkey pox after meeting a German tourist who was admitted to Bangkok Hospital Trat Suspicious symptoms, while the deputy of the Police Department insists that they have to wait for the results of the examination from Chulalongkorn Hospital. ready to expedite the investigation of the disease for close contacts

In the case of information published online about German tourists who received treatment in Bangkok Trat Hospital last evening Due to symptoms similar to monkeypox infection, the medical team and nurses have drawn blood to check for infection. But the tourist escaped from the hospital. until causing doubt and panic in the people in that area

Today (6 Aug) Bangkok Hospital Trat clarified that the said tourist had traveled from the district of Koh Chang to receive treatment for symptoms similar to monkey pox But the results of the examination did not confirm that the tourist was ill with smallpox. Because it’s just a suspicion based on the symptoms found only. As for whether they are infected with monkey pox or not have to wait another 2-3 days for the results of the examination from a Bangkok hospital.

The German tourist has been taken to Trat hospital for treatment and quarantine in accordance with the procedure, confirming that smallpox is a highly contagious disease, so people in the area should not be worried. except those who are in contact with or close to the patient only

Meanwhile, Dr. Winai Banchongkarn, director of Trat Hospital, revealed that a German tourist was admitted to the hospital for treatment and quarantined at the hospital’s quarantine room at 12.00 hrs. of the state because there is a problem with the cost

by confirming that this German tourist Still in the suspicion and have to wait for the results of the infection from Chula Hospital. In the past, German tourists did not agree to have blood drawn. or take any action and escaped from the hospital until having to inform the police to take him into custody which Trat Hospital are ready for quarantine and control the disease from spreading widely

Surachai Jeamkul, Deputy Public Health Doctor, Trat Province
Mr. Surachai Jeamkul, deputy doctor of public health in Trat province, said that from now on, such tourists must enter the investigation into the disease from the beginning. Traveling from France And enter Thailand through which side of the border channel? or traveling through any airport And staying at a hotel in Koh Chang, who has close contact with?

Then still have to wait for the results of the infection from Chulalongkorn Hospital. whether a German tourist is actually infected with monkeypox As for the symptoms currently found, which indicates a blister on the genitals. and a blister on the palm must wait for confirmation of results

And most recently, the governor of Trat province has ordered to check travel and stay in hotels. including close contact of all involved with this tourist so that disease control can be carried out fully

However, reporters reported that If this German was infected with monkeypox It will become the 5th case in Thailand after the first case was previously found in Nigeria in Phuket, the second in Thailand in Bangkok, the 32nd in the German province in Phuket, and the second in Thailand. 4 is a Thai citizen in Bangkok


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