Trendy methodology for building your health brand

Trendy methodology for building your health brand

For a long time, the health industry has distinguished itself by the expertise it requires, in addition to all the regulations that being part of it implies. However, as the digital age increases, it is necessary to activate brands in all possible channels and for this reason it is necessary to have a very exact methodology to build them.

This methodology consists of: development, research, testing, improvement, launch and results.

Despite knowing the steps so clearly, there must be a new approach because the brands that endure are those that provide support in the lifestyle of users and that, in addition, understand and listen to them in the face of such constant changes and not only that. , but they formulate solutions in time.

For this reason, there is a new methodology, whose focus is on valuing consumer feedback and generating an impact on all brand experiences.

With this it is necessary to answer 4 questions that will give us the meaning of the relevance that we are gaining with our brand.

1. Do you know that my brand exists? If people have heard of it, if they know about it, it gives them the opportunity/advantage of further research. If the brand is known in a common environment, it helps justify purchase decisions.
2. Is it familiar? It is important to think about the memories we generate since, when making decisions at the time of purchase, there is a predisposition to pay attention to what has already been seen or is considered familiar.
3. Do they recognize your identity? This specific recognition refers to the fact that the brand language allows differentiation in existing commercial channels. Brand assets that are recognizable help drive attention to advertising.
4. Would you consider it to consume? The rational (economic factor: value for money) and irrational (emotions, aspirations, etc.) associations of a brand justify its price.

Finally, 2 more fundamental factors should be considered to generate an impact on health brands and these are:

1. Loyalty: it is proven that, thanks to this factor, costs decrease at the marketing level, which improves the lifetime of customers and increases the value and frequency of purchase. Let’s be clear that a correctly loyal customer does not see the need to acquire any product or service from the competition.
2. Metrics: when planning strategies for any brand, it is important to define sales, executions, campaigns, initiatives and/or market share, but above all, evaluate all the results and, depending on each objective, use the necessary metrics.

To be part of a trend, it is necessary to differentiate when a brand is timely and not opportunistic, so let’s be clear that we must know the needs and apply the correct strategies for health consumers.


– Mr. Branding
– Ruiz Barroeta

Héctor Salinas is a graduate of CECC Pedregal with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. He has more than 10 years of experience in the pharma industry for the development of campaigns and special projects for the main pharmaceutical companies worldwide. He is currently CEO of McCANN Health – Integral Systems. AN IPG Health Company, a leading agency in the pharmaceutical field with products and brands that have leaders in the health market.


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