TRENTO. «The category of magistrates is no better than the others or the average of Italian citizens; but, perhaps, this is the hope, not even worse ». Thus begins the message of Pasquale Profiti, PM at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trento, published on his social profile to explain the motivation that led some magistrates to the decision of renounce the already scheduled vaccination, as it is reserved for magistrates only and not for the entire staff working in court.

“Today some of us have decided to renounce the booking of the vaccine at the weekend – writes Profiti – it had to be a vaccine for all those who work in the courthouses, frequented every day by hundreds of people, whether they are employees or citizens who come for their trials or to give testimony. Today we have become aware that the reservations communicated to us yesterday were only for us, for the magistrates, with the exception of those who work alongside us, the administrative staff, often with greater exposure to contagion risk. Below is the email with which a colleague canceled the appointment, followed by others, making sure that the doses waived would not be lost, but used for other categories, regularly included in the vaccination plan. I think, in my personal opinion, it was a right decision».

Here is the communication sent by the magistrates: “Dear Italian Red Cross I am XX, magistrate of Trento, included in the vaccination program with reservation for Sunday 28.03.21, based on the availability previously requested both from the magistrates and all the staff of the justice sector , with lists compiled by individual judicial offices. After joining the telephone booking, I learned that the scheduled vaccination will only concern the “magistrates” category and not all the administrative staff of the justice sector; these are staff who have an average age above mine (53 years) and with risk factors, for business contacts, similar to or higher than mine. Faced with this situation, wanting to avoid even the mere hypothesis of forms of privilege, and apologizing for the inconvenience, with this REVOCATION the availability for vaccination fixed for Sunday 28.03.21, awaiting any call together with the remaining personnel of the “justice sector” or the next one, by birth class, like the whole population. I remain available for any clarification, a cordial greeting and good work “.

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