Trial of Marvin E.: An aggressive gun nut

FFor almost the entire three hours he looks at the floor or at the bench. However, Marvin E. answered the questions without omissions. In the trial before the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court, the alleged right-wing extremist provided information about his school days and his personal interests on Friday.

The 20-year-old carpenter’s apprentice from Spangenberg in northern Hesse has to answer for the attempted founding of a terrorist organization and the preparation of a serious act of violence that endangers the state. The federal prosecutor accuses him of having planned attacks with firearms and explosive devices for right-wing extremist motives. Marvin E. is said to have been determined to set up an offshoot of the American neo-Nazi terrorist group “Nuclear Weapons Division” and to carry out explosive attacks in order to bring about a “race war”.

According to the indictment, E. sent a classmate from the vocational school image files of the “nuclear weapons division” in a Whatsapp chat, and later also propaganda videos. In August last year, he is said to have asked in a neo-Nazi group chat about the possibility of smuggling firearms to Germany. In addition, from spring 2021, E. ordered components for homemade explosive devices from the online mail order company Amazon, including fuses, sulfur and magnesium powder, a suitcase and steel balls.

involvement in the CDU

The accused, who attended a special needs school and began an apprenticeship after graduating from secondary school, said he often felt isolated during his school days. In addition, he was often beaten by “foreigners”. Especially in the special school, he was involved in discussions about Islam that ended in fights. According to an expert report, which was presented at the hearing, Marvin E. described himself as someone who could quickly become aggressive with certain “insults”.

The apartment of the carpenter trainee from Central Hesse, who ran as a free candidate for the CDU for the city council in Spangenberg in the 2021 local elections, had been searched for a weapon offence. The investigators found small explosive devices, incendiary devices and a racist manifesto. According to E., he was encouraged to get involved in the CDU by an acquaintance of his boss. For him, the CDU is “the middle”. However, he was not a party member.

Computer games were his biggest hobby. He also had an affinity for the military and weapons and thought about joining the Bundeswehr. He made films with some friends in which he posed in uniform and did military exercises in the woods at night.

Electrical engineering has always suited him, the accused said in court. In the children’s room he “soldered a lot and developed and implemented circuit diagrams”. He got the material for it from his father or bought it. However, he had a difficult relationship with his family. There were often arguments, especially with the mother.

During the hearing, E. was confronted by the court with a data carrier that had been found in the parents’ house and contained child pornographic recordings. Files showing severe child abuse were also secured on his cell phone. The defendant claimed that an acquaintance sent him these. He then cut off contact.

Marvin E. was arrested in autumn 2021 and has been in custody since then. He is being tried under juvenile criminal law. The court has scheduled trial dates through November.


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