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The DGP said after paying homage to the portrait of Sub-Inspector Bhuminathan that the police should not hesitate to use guns to save their lives during the murderous hysteria. Silenthrababu said.

Trichy, Nov. 24-
The DGP said after paying homage to the portrait of Sub-Inspector Bhuminathan that the police should not hesitate to use guns to save their lives during the murderous hysteria. Silenthrababu said.

Assassination of Sub-Inspector
Bhuminathan (age 50) was working as a special sub-inspector of police at Nawalpattu police station in Trichy district. He was hacked to death by goat thieves while on patrol last night on the 20th.
This incident shook Tamil Nadu. Keeranur police have registered a case and arrested Manikandan (19) and 2 school children from Togore near the Tanjore district fort.
DGP Tribute
On the day of the incident, the Tamil Nadu Police DGP The All India Police DGP held a two-day meeting in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister. He had gone to Lucknow to attend the conference. He returned to Tamil Nadu after the conference and came straight to Trichy from Chennai.
He then went to Bhuminathan’s house in Cholamanagar near Nawalpattu in Trichy district yesterday morning. There was a DGP for Bhuminathan’s portrait. Silenthrababu paid homage with a wreath. Following this, Trichy Central Zone Police IG Balakrishnan, Trichy Municipal Police Commissioner Karthikeyan, DIG Saravanasunder and District Superintendent of Police Sujith Kumar also paid tributes with garlands.
Comfort for family
Later, Sub-Inspector Bhuminathan’s wife Kavita (45) and son Kugan (21) were arrested by the DGP. Silenthrababu said in consolation. He then proceeded to the Nawalpattu police station, where he lauded the Trichy and Pudukottai district personal police for arresting the killers within 24 hours in the sub-inspector murder case.
Earlier, at the residence of Special Sub-Inspector Bhuminathan, the DGP Silenthirababu told reporters: –
Valiant, prudent
Tamil Nadu Police pays homage to Special Sub-Inspector Bhuminathan who passed away. Bhuminathan has already bagged the First-Ministerial Medal. He is also an anti-terrorism commando trainee and an excellent soldier. His death is a great loss to the Tamil Nadu Police.
He has served with a sense of duty and has done his work with valor and wisdom. In particular he did not give up that this was ordinary sheep theft. He chased 15 km and caught 3 people. He also confiscated the scythe they were holding and kept it safe.
Thanks to the First-Minister
He then called the relatives of 3 people on his cell phone and told them about it. In particular, he called the mother of the main culprit and told her that if your son is caught stealing a goat, come to the police station in the morning and take him away.
They attacked him with a scythe and killed him at an unexpected moment. The First Minister has ordered to provide Rs 1 crore from the relief fund to the family of the deceased Bhuminathan. First Minister Stalin also announced that his son would be offered a government job. On behalf of the Tamil Nadu Police, we thank you.
Challenging field
Attacks on police are not new. Attacks on the police have been a regular occurrence since 1856. Police is a challenging field. When working in the police, it is natural for everything to go unprotected. What matters is how you deal with it.
But Bhuminathan has bravely caught the culprits and done his duty and sacrificed. Police are allowed to carry their pistols and 6 rounds of ammunition while patrolling the secluded area. Two months training at the officer level in this regard has been completed.
The gun can be used
The law stipulates that police officers may use firearms to save their lives if they are subjected to a life-threatening homicide while on duty. So police have to carry handguns on patrol. We are advised not to hesitate to use the gun when life is endangered by enemies.
Children’s clubs have already been set up across Tamil Nadu to prevent children from engaging in crime. In particular, the First Minister has ordered the establishment of 52 children’s clubs in addition to the existing clubs in Chennai. There are these clubs all over the district as well.
There is evidence
Thereby we are conducting various programs including sports festival for boys and educating them. However, there have been incidents in which children have been involved in such activities. There is 100 percent evidence, including video, that only 3 people were arrested for the crime. They have been arrested based on the evidence. The CBI is investigating the case. No investigation required.
Thus he said.

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