Tribute to Diane? Nathaniel Rodnitsky surprises with a new tattoo

A week has passed since the season of “Big Brother” ended, and still a finalist of the season Nathaniel Roynicki and his partner Diane Schwartz who was eliminated in the early stages of the reality show, manage to make a big noise around them even more than the winner of the season Talia Ovadia. After they cut themselves off from all their loved ones and family members, and locked themselves in a hotel for a few days to spend quality time alone, Nathaniel Rodnitsky pays tribute to his newlyweds.

It seems that everyone who comes out of “Big Brother” has a tattoo of a memory from the house. Horizon Plaster tattoo on the bleeding wound, Sherin She tattooed the words: “Courage” and “Now”, while Rudnitsky chose to tattoo a chick, which, as I recall, was a symbol of Diane and Nathaniel’s relationship.

Diane Schwartz, Nathaniel Rodnitsky (Photo: Ilan Siman-Tov, Yuli Agency)

Remember, just before the grand finale, Diane sent Nathaniel a message from the outside that she was still waiting for him, in the form of a little chick doll, as he used to call her at home when they were together as a couple. As an act of their new love, Rodnitsky decided, just before the new year, to tattoo a chick on his right arm and wrote: “Three in the morning, two margaritas and one tattoo.” what do you say? Exaggerated or romantic?

Nathaniel Rudnitsky (Photo: Instagram screenshot)Nathaniel Rudnitsky (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

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