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Rome, March 10 (

Idealo Days are back, the shopping event promoted by the price comparison platform to buy products from Italian e-shops with exceptional discounts. Now in its second edition, idealo explains that the initiative, held on 22 and 23 March, aims to “support the Italian economy and e-shops with particular attention to small and medium-sized businesses “.

idealo explains that attention is especially directed “to small shops and online commercial realities that have opened their windows on the web for the first time in the last year, driven by the e-commerce boom driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and long months of social distancing or quarantine. The idealo Days “are also a further opportunity for savings for consumers who, in the two days dedicated to Italian e-shopping, can benefit even more than usual from the offers of Italian online stores and take advantage of the support of idealo for the search for best price and best online shopping opportunities “add from idealo.

“In the full spirit of idealo, the objective of the initiative – says Filippo Dattola, Country Manager for Italy of idealo – it is not only to reach and save the greatest number of users but also to support the development of Italian e-shops“. Dattola anticipates that” the transition from offline to online shopping recorded in 2020 is not temporary but will last even after the pandemic. The e-commerce offer will continue to grow as many stores have been forced to go digital due to the emergency. And with this in mind, with the idealo Days we want to support Italian e-shops even more and support Italian e-commerce “.

The platform anticipates that the 2021 edition of idealo Days “will be even richer” with one increasing amount of offers from Italian online stores present on idealo – + 18% in the last year compared to the previous 12 months – the number of which has also increased by + 12% over the same period of time. Almost like the big e-commerce giants, small and medium-sized Italian shops are often very competitive in terms of low prices.

Based on the analysis of the offers on idealo, purchase intentions attributable to Italian online stores were 50% of the total, “demonstrating the fact – underline from idealo – that small and medium online shops are very important for the e-commerce of our country”.

Starting today, Wednesday 10 March, on the portal is a special landing page dedicated to the initiative is available where you can set your own alerts for the ideal price function and thus receive a notification when the requested product has reached the desired cost. Furthermore, for the entire duration of the idealo Days, from 21st to midnight on 22nd March, the most discounted products will be highlighted in a single screen and for each product category, so as to have all the best offers on a single page.

In particular, this year’s initiative will mainly concern the categories present in Electronics & Gaming, Fashion & Accessories and Sport on the Italian portal of idealo. Started in 2020, the first edition of the idealo Days – report from the portal – has been very successful so as to increase purchase intentions by + 46.0% compared to the previous month (in detail from 1 to 29 March 2020).

Among the regions most interested in the initiative were Molise (+ 82.8% of online searches compared to the previous period), Trentino-Alto Adige (+ 60.8%) and Campania (+ 60.4%). The fastest growing product categories in these two days were electronics (+ 91.5%), toys & gaming items (+ 90.6%), health products, beauty & grocery (+ 56.3%), food & drink (+ 53.6%), fashion items & accessories (48.7%) and sports & outdoor (+ 47.3%), products for animals (+ 20.4%) and finally for furniture and garden (+ 16.5%).


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