The premier answers a reporter’s question on the controversy that has invested the president of INPS – Ansa /Courier TV

«I follow hundreds of files but I was not informed on this in detail. I can say, at the outcome of the information given, that the INPS president at the time of taking office took much lower fees than the previous president. It was necessary, on the basis of regulatory provisions, to adjust the remuneration ». Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said this in response to a question on the affair concerning Pasquale Tridico, head of the INPS. “Even if you look at the comparative tables, the president of INPS still pays fees that are in line or lower than comparable institutions.” Having clarified the aspect of Tridico’s salary, “the theme is that there are Italian citizens who are still waiting for layoffs. On this the president of INPS, all INPS workers and those who have a role, myself first, we have to work day and night. This is a problem for those with no livelihood. It makes no sense to say that millions have taken it but there is still a small number that have not received it, because they are families ». Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said this when answering a question about the president of the INPS Pasquale Tridico.


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