Trip to China will bring agribusiness closer to the government, says Fávaro

Trip to China will bring agribusiness closer to the government, says Fávaro

The minister will participate in meetings with Chinese authorities, seminars and meetings with the productive sector before President Lula’s arrival

The work carried out by the delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in China precedes the visit of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and demonstrates the importance of the Asian country for Brazilian agricultural exports, in the opinion of the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Carlos Fávaro. The minister left on Monday (20) for Beijing and is expected to arrive next Wednesday (22).

Accompanied by a delegation of more than 100 Brazilian businessmen from different sectors of agribusiness, Fávaro will participate in bilateral meetings with Chinese authorities, seminars and meetings with representatives of the productive sector before President Lula’s arrival. For the minister, the presence of the business entourage made up of small, medium and large producers is an indication of the sector’s approach to President Lula’s government.

“The diversity and size of this group of agro businessmen on the trip to China demonstrates President Lula’s prestige and marks the government’s approach, already in the first months of his term, to this sector that is so important for the Brazilian economy”, points out Fávaro.

China is the main destination for Brazilian agribusiness exports and had a share, in value, of 31.9% in Brazilian agribusiness exports in 2022, totaling US$ 50.79 billion. Among the ten most exported products by Brazilian agribusiness, China was the main destination for six: soybeans, fresh beef, fresh chicken, cellulose, raw cane sugar and cotton.


This Thursday (23) Minister Fávaro is expected to participate in the opening of the Cotton Industry Development Conference. Meetings with companies and associations of fertilizer and agricultural input manufacturers are also scheduled, as well as an event to discuss cooperation between Brazil and China in sustainable agriculture and green finance.

On Friday (24), the minister will participate in the “Multisectoral Seminar: Perspectives of the Brazil-China Partnership in Agribusiness”, with the presence of Brazilian entities such as CNA, OCB and Abiove and Chinese organizations such as the China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation and the Agricultural Bank of China. Also on the 24th, a seminar on the animal protein sector is planned, which will bring together authorities and businessmen from the sector in Brazil and China, with the participation of the Ambassador of Brazil in China, Marcos Galvão, and the vice-president of the Chinese Chamber of Trade for Import and Export of Food, Natural Products and Animal By-Products (CFNA China), Yu Lu.

Next Monday (27th), the Mapa team will participate in a multisectoral meeting with the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. There will also be the China-Brazil Sustainable Development Forum, promoted by the Brazilian Center for International Relations.
As of Tuesday (28), Fávaro will join the presidential entourage that fulfills an official agenda with the Chinese authorities.


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