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Motorists are queuing in front of Great Britain’s petrol stations to get one last drop of fuel, and many supermarket shelves are empty Truck driver crisis hits the country and the government’s actions become more and more desperate.

Now the British Ministry of Transport has sent a begging letter to all Germans who live on the island and who got their driver’s license before 1999. In the letter, Minister Charlotte Vere (52), Baroness von Norbiton, asks the Germans to get behind the wheel of a truck.

▶︎ Because: Anyone who obtained their driver’s license in Germany before 1999 is allowed to drive at least one 7.5-ton truck and could thus help to weaken the supply crisis in Great Britain.

“Your skills and experience have never been needed more than they are now,” the letter says. The ministry appeals to the Germans to consider a “return” to the trucking industry – even if many of the addressees have never been behind the wheel of a truck. “There are great opportunities for truck drivers in the logistics sector, and working conditions have improved across the sector,” said Minister Vere.

The begging letter was sent not only to Germans, but to all people with a truck driver’s license, as the “Independent” reports. Among the almost one million recipients was the German terrorist expert Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann (46), who teaches at King’s College in London and is part of the “future team” of CDU boss Armin Laschet (60).

Neumann uploaded the letter to Twitter and commented, visibly amused: “It’s good to know that if politics and science don’t work out, I can still become a truck driver in Brexit Britain.”

“My wife has never driven a bigger car than a Volvo”

The Germans also scoff at the “Independent”. “It’s nice to know that there are still job prospects for us after Brexit,” said a 41-year-old German who lives with his wife in London, the newspaper. “If we had gone to Germany, we would probably never have been hired as truck drivers by headhunters.” For now, however, he wanted to keep his job at an investment bank, and his wife had never driven a bigger car than a Volvo and would have the “exciting opportunity “Probably turn down too.

Photo: Frank Augstein / AP

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Gas stations in the UK are running out of fuel because there are few truck drivers delivering itPhoto: Frank Augstein / AP

Gerade frische Produkte wie Fleisch oder Milch sind in vielen Supermärkten Mangelware, weil sie normalerweise kurzfristig geliefert werdenFoto: PETER CZIBORRA/REUTERS

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Fresh products such as meat or milk in particular are in short supply in many supermarkets because they are usually delivered at short noticeFoto: PETER CZIBORRA/REUTERS

The acute driver shortage is currently having drastic consequences on the island: long queues form in front of the petrol stations that are still open, as many of the tank trucks cannot deliver on time. Supermarket shelves have also remained partially empty. Many drivers from Eastern Europe left the country during the pandemic. Strict entry rules after Brexit ensure that many do not return. The government is now hoping to remedy the situation with short-term visas for a few thousand drivers until Christmas.


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