Trump announces his arrest “Now let’s take back the country” –

Trump announces his arrest “Now let’s take back the country” –

On social media: “It will start on Tuesday”. Imminent prosecution for money to porn star in 2016

NEW YORK – After having talked about it for years, the time for Donald Trump’s indictment now seems really imminent: for the first time in American history, a former president will be called to account for criminal offenses.

Of the various investigations pending on him, the one that could lead to his indictment as early as Tuesday, or in any case next week, concerns the payment of $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels done in 2016 by then Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, (confessed and therefore convicted and imprisoned in 2018). Cohen said he paid out of his own pocketbut then to have been reimbursed with electoral funds by his client for buy Daniels’ silence about a ten-year sexual relationship: a circumstance always denied by Trump, who was not called into question at the time (also because an incumbent president cannot be indicted except by impeachment).

The district attorney of New York, Alvin Bragg, de facto deputy chief prosecutor, reopened the case over a year ago, but now the signs are overlapping that suggest a quick – and disruptive – conclusion: the formation of a grand jury who questioned Cohen for days on end, and also heard other witnesses: Daniels and her lawyer. Now the court would have summoned Trump himself for Tuesday, who saw fit to break the news on his social network, Truth Social, in his own way: announcing that he will be arrested on Tuesday and inviting Americans to rebel: “Let’s take back the country!”.

While his attorney, Joe Tacopina (also famous in Italy for his football adventures from Bologna and Rome, passing through Venice and Ferrara where he is president of Spal), confirms that Trump will not back down in the face of an indictment. And he candidly explains to the US television networks that the former president will use q
uella that he sees a Democrat-orchestrated prosecution as fuel for his third campaign for the White House.

Confirming that we are at a turning point, on Friday, the court warned the FBI, lhe New York police and the secret services that in the next few days situations of great tension could arise around the court located at number 100 Center Street, such as to require a massive deployment of the forces of order to protect the judicial headquarters.

From this to hypothesizing the arrest of Trump, however, there is a lot of trouble. The former president is also under investigation in New York for the financial and tax irregularities of its companiesbut the administrative managers of the Trump Organization have since been called to answer for these: difficult to demonstrate his personal awareness of the crimes and the will to commit them. The cases accused of Trump could be classified as misdemeanor, minor offenses that carry a maximum sentence of one year in prison for which arrest is not usually foreseen. Fox, the conservative TV network, hypothesizes, however, that the prosecution could consider some crimes that would be charged against Trump as felony: a more serious case, with longer prison sentences and the possibility of arrest. It would be a huge fact, but even in this case the former president would be released immediately on bail.

The feeling, however, is that Trump wants to fan the flames to mount the political case: for months he has been accusing Bragg, who is African American and is registered on the electoral roll as a Democrat, of being a racist who hates whites and a conspirator in favor of Biden. While his lawyers suggest Trump could be held in jail over fears that the former president incites Americans to revolt: how did he do on 6 January 2021 (another investigation against him is ongoing) and as he has already begun to do this time too.

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