Trump re-entry after 2-year ban

Trump re-entry after 2-year ban

The ban on former US President Trump’s social media accounts has been lifted after 2 years.

In the last year 2020, the presidential election was held in the United States. In it, Trump ran again on behalf of the Republican Party and lost to Joe Biden, who contested on behalf of the Democratic Party. Following this, Trump’s supporters entered the US Capitol building and engaged in violence, claiming that the presidential election was rigged. It is considered a black day in American history. Trump took to his social media pages to praise his supporters for taking part in the protest. For this, companies including Facebook and Twitter banned Trump’s accounts saying that he had sown hatred among the people through social networking sites.

In this case, Meta has removed the ban imposed on Trump on Facebook and Instagram. Speaking about this, META Head of International Affairs, Nick Clegg, said, “Following the 2021 US riots, the ban on former President Donald Trump from using Facebook and Instagram is being lifted. However some rules are imposed. If there are any violations again, each violation will be banned for two years,” he said.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Twitter account was unbanned in November last year after Elon Musk bought Twitter. However, Trump has not published a single Twitter post till today. It is noteworthy that when Trump’s social networking accounts were banned, he started a separate social networking site called Truth.


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