Trump slams Nancy Pelosi and criticizes California’s Democratic leadership in fiery speech at GOP convention

Trump slams Nancy Pelosi and criticizes California’s Democratic leadership in fiery speech at GOP convention

Former President Trump Criticizes Nancy Pelosi at California GOP Convention

Former President Donald Trump took a swipe at former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a speech at the California GOP convention on Friday. Trump criticized Pelosi for her opposition to building a wall at the border while having a wall around her own house, which he jokingly suggested did not do a very good job. Trump has frequently targeted Pelosi, and this remark was no exception.

During his speech, Trump also referenced an attack on Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, by a home intruder last year. The incident left him in critical condition, and Trump had previously called it a “terrible thing.” Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., even posted memes advocating to ban hammers after the attack.

In addition to targeting Pelosi, Trump criticized California’s Democratic leadership, calling the state a “dumping ground” and pledging to reverse its decline. While California is not competitive in the general election, it plays a crucial role in the GOP presidential primary.

Trump also directed his criticism towards President Joe Biden. He accused the Department of Justice of targeting him with multiple criminal indictments because he is a strong political opponent to Biden. Trump sarcastically impersonated the president, saying, “Let’s indict the motherf—er! Let’s indict him!”

Notably, Trump did not mention the death of Senator Dianne Feinstein earlier in the day.

Other speakers at the convention included Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. The event drew attention as Trump continued his aggressive rhetoric and criticisms of political opponents.

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