Trump Tower at risk –

Trump Tower at risk –

2023-09-27 01:30:34

by Viviana Mazza

Image shot for the tycoon. A punishment decided after establishing that Trump defrauded banks and insurance companies by inflating the value of his assets to obtain economic advantages and better loans

NEW YORK — Donald Trump and his adult children — Eric, Ivanka and Donald Junior — are responsible for fraud, having provided false financial information for about a decade by inflating the value of their assets to banks and insurance companies. This was established by New York judge Arthur Engoron, agreeing with State Attorney General Letitia James, a few days before the start of the civil trial on the matter.

The fraud lawsuit was filed a year ago by Democratic Attorney James, who accused Trump of inflating his company’s assets by between $812 million and $2.2 billion over a decade to obtain better loan terms. and other economic benefits.

A fraud that James believes helped the real estate developer obtain loans to build a golf resort in Miami, hotels in Washington and hotels in Chicago. Judge Engoron also ordered that some of Trump’s business licenses be revoked as punishment — making some business difficult or impossible for him and his children in New York and also affecting the image of a shrewd and successful businessman he had built before climb the White House.

The decision will not dissolve the tycoon’s company but will end his control over a commercial property on Wall Street and an estate in Westchester County; He could also lose control of other assets in New York, including Trump Tower, although there will likely be a battle over that in the coming months. James’ goal is to prevent Trump and his three sons from conducting business in the state in the future. The judge’s decision therefore to hit Trump and his family: at this point the trial without a jury which will begin on October 2 will have to define how much he will have to pay in damages (James is aiming for 250 million dollars).

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But the tycoon, who accuses James of political persecution, could slow down the start of the trial: he has appealed, accusing the judge and the prosecutor of having ignored a previous ruling issued three months ago by an appeal court, according to which the case partially lapsed. a large company that has been defamed and slandered by this politically motivated witch hunt, Trump responded on his social network. A judge who hates Trump even more than Attorney General Letitia James writes, complaining about the lack of a jury and claiming the correctness of his actions.

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