Try to reopen the bar; People decided to protest and fight

Coimbatore: In Ukkadam, the government has given permission to reopen a liquor shop which was closed five years ago at the same location.

The public has announced that they will protest if the liquor store opens. The liquor store was opened in 2009 opposite the Ukkadam bus stand. An appeal was made to the government on behalf of DMK, Jamaat organizations and residents of the area against the operation of a liquor shop where there is a school, church and temple. As no action was taken, the protesting parties smashed the bar.

In this connection, 20 people were arrested. The store, which was closed then, reopened in 2011. Even then, people protested and petitioned and held protests. However, the store continued to operate.

In this context, this shop was closed in 2017 as the Supreme Court ordered the closure of liquor shops along the highway. The people who participated in the protest were happy. Preparations were going on for a few days to re-establish the bar, which had been closed for five years, at the same place. When the people of the area came to know about this, the political parties, including DMK, announced that they would hold a protest.

The police spoke to them. Due to strong opposition, the work of setting up shop has been temporarily stopped. Power Minister, Collector, Police Commissioner have been informed. The people of the area said that they will definitely protest if the shop opens.


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