Trying to remove Tamil houses in Munnar? – Ramadoss Condemnation of Kerala Govt Is the Kerala government trying to remove the houses of Tamils ​​in Munnar? — Condemnation of Ramadoss

Chennai: Ramadoss, the founder of BAMA, said that the Kerala government’s attempt to remove the houses of Tamils ​​in Munnar in the name of demarcation is condemnable.

In this regard, he said in a statement issued today: The Kerala government has announced that the boundaries of Kerala are being digitally re-calibrated, and as part of this, the Kerala government has issued an order to vacate the houses of Tamils ​​living in Munnar. As border measurement is illegal without the consent of Tamil Nadu, it is reprehensible to oust Tamils ​​from their homes.

Digital recalibration of Kerala state boundaries has started from November 1. For this purpose, the Devikulam district revenue department has sent a notification that 60 houses owned by Tamils ​​in Ikka Nagar next to Munara should be vacated immediately. The Devikulam revenue department has also warned that if the Tamils ​​do not vacate their houses, the houses will be demolished on the day after tomorrow, November 29.

The homes of Tamils ​​in Munnar are not in any way a hindrance to the Kerala government’s boundary measurement. They have been living there for over 25 years; They are regularly paying taxes to the local bodies. In the same area, many people from Kerala have encroached government land and constructed buildings. But the Devikulam revenue department, which did not take any action against them, is discriminatory to take action only against the Tamils. It seems that the Kerala government is trying to remove them from there for the sole reason that they are Tamils.

If houses built by Tamils ​​are to be removed from government-owned land, they should be built houses by the Urban Development Board first. However, it is not fair for the Kerala government, which has not done so, to send a notice within a very short period of time and pressure the Tamils ​​to vacate their homes; It cannot be accepted.

The border re-measurement undertaken by the Kerala government will affect not only the Tamils ​​living in Kerala but also Tamil Nadu. Most of the Kerala state borders with Tamil Nadu. As per the rules and conventions the Kerala Government should re-measure the boundaries only with the approval of the Tamil Nadu Government. However, the Kerala government is engaged in the process of arbitrarily measuring the boundaries without taking the consent of Tamil Nadu. Due to the actions of the Kerala government, there is a risk of loss of lands of Tamil Nadu on the borders of the two states.

If the boundary re-measurement work of the Kerala government is not stopped immediately, not only the border of Tamil Nadu will be occupied, but the border problem between Maharashtra and Karnataka has become an intractable problem, similarly the border problem between Tamil Nadu and Kerala may become a big problem. The Tamil Nadu government has a great responsibility and duty to stop it; The government should not ignore it.

Therefore, the Tamil Nadu government should immediately intervene in this matter and stop the border re-measurement work of the Kerala government. In addition, the Tamil Nadu government should urge the state government to abandon the decision to remove the houses of Tamils ​​in Munnar area.” Ramadas said.


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