Tsadik: Korin Gideon shares a photo of his partner with Kitel

The Oshia Korin Gideon could not serve a cake to her partner Hili Sorotskin because he was born on Yom Kippur. Instead, she wrote him a few warm words and shared a photo of a soldier who came from a religious house wearing a Kitel for Yom Kippur prayers.

Corinne Gideon is moving: “I couldn’t have chosen someone better”

Gideon blessed her husband: “All my life I was looking for a knight on a white horse and in the end he arrived in a white robe. Congratulations, love of my life. It turns out that you are celebrating on Kippur, so this is your birthday picture and it has everything you need, at the end of such a day of fasting and with the fatigue of Two babies in a year and a half, all I have to say is that I couldn’t have chosen someone better to share life with, and someone else like that. I’m so happy to have you by my side, I love you the most in the world.”

Korin Gideon in a move that will attract hundreds of religious people to her business

For two years now, network host and former host Corinne Gideon has been admiring together with her ultra-Orthodox ex-husband a deli that sells Shabbat food by personal order nationwide. Many customers wanted to purchase the tantalizing food but were disappointed to find that despite the Jewish aromas of the food from the deli, there is no kosher there. During the summer, Korin Gideon launched the business’s new kosher certificate in an amusing post, a move that will surely attract many more buyers and makes the business relevant to kosher keepers.

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