TUI sees itself on the way back to normal in 2022

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EThe travel group TUI has discovered a new term and a new customer group for itself. Hubert Kluske, Head of Sales for Germany, calls this holiday species “energized adventurers”. They are adventurers filled with excitement and vacation dreams. Married couples who travel alone because their children are grown up were one of them.

“It is important to them that a trip is not completely prefabricated, but can be designed more individually using vacation modules,” explains Kluske. Because for the post-Corona period, TUI applies: “We are on the way from package tour provider to travel and experience partner.” What the group sells should legally continue to be package tour, but it seldom looks like this.

The “energized adventurers” should also be an economic asset. They booked higher quality trips. It has long been a trend that customers who previously chose four-star accommodations are now tending to five-star hotels. “People are willing to spend up to a quarter more on their vacation,” says Germany boss Stefan Baumert. Suites and poolside rooms are the accommodation categories that are booked first. And for the new bookings, credit that TUI had assigned to customers after previous cancellations was by no means used. 80 percent of these credits have already been used up by trips that have already been completed. New bookings thus bring liquidity to the group.

Short-time work in business in Germany ends

More income t fits the plan for 2022. “We are optimistic that we will return to normal next year and reach the level of 2019”, Baumert sets the course. The fact that lockdowns are again in effect in German districts with a particularly high number of corona infections, and that headlines from Austria even see holidays in the snow threatened, does not shake the expectations of the state-supported market leader from Hanover. Short-time working will be ended on December 1, both in the German headquarters and in all local travel agencies.

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