Tula schoolchildren will learn about the basics of family life

The day before, on July 14, in Tula, Governor Alexei Dyumin presented the Regional Development Program. It focuses on, among other things, self-realization and education of young people. One of the priority areas here is the formation of modern trends. So, by 2026, at least two centers for identifying, supporting and developing the abilities and talents of children and young people will start operating in the region.

In the Tula region, a network of at least 78 centers of education “Points of Growth” will also be formed. The share of universal specialized classes will be no more than 50% of the total number in general education organizations.

In the Tula region, by 2026, at least 50% of state and municipal educational organizations are also implementing a course of extracurricular activities “Fundamentals of Family Life” for schoolchildren from grades 7-8. At the same time, specially trained teachers will teach in this program.

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