Turkish journalist arrested for insulting Erdogan

A court has arrested journalist Sedef Kabash for insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, CNN Turk reports.

During a live broadcast on the Tele 1 channel, she remembered the saying “the crowned becomes wiser” and called it untruthful, writes BBC Turkce. Kabash declared that the cattle in the palace would not become king, and the palace would turn into a barn.

The City Attorney’s Office launched an investigation. For these words, in the context of a conversation about Erdogan, she was detained at about 2:00 am on January 22 and taken to the Palace of Justice in Istanbul. The prosecutor’s office filed a motion for arrest with the court.

At the trial, Kabash said that she used the proverb, was not going to offend anyone and does not admit guilt. The court decided that the journalist could escape, so they decided to arrest her.

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