‘Turn every vaccine into a vaccination’

For the right to the anti-Covid vaccine to be a real right and not a privilege, two levels must be overcome“, explains Alberto Mantovani, scientific director of the Humanitas Clinical Institute and professor emeritus of Humanitas University, on the occasion of the award ceremony of the 58 winners of the tenth edition of the Gilead Sciences, Fellowship and Community Award Program calls, dedicated to researchers, researchers and patient associations.

The first level – need – is that of sharing vaccines: a challenge that both our Government and the European Union have decided to accept, making more than 400 million doses of immunizing serum available to the most disadvantaged populations in the world. The second level, instead, involves the ‘transformation’ of a vaccine dose into an administration, and therefore in an effective vaccination. For this to happen, the involvement of non-governmental organizations that have been operating in those territories for years is important “.


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