TV audiences: the Rugby World Cup in the lead on TF 1

TV audiences: the Rugby World Cup in the lead on TF 1

2023-10-02 10:38:43

The Rugby World Cup still in the lead. Sunday evening, the World Cup match between South Africa and the Tonga Islands allowed TF 1 to take first place in the audience rankings. The meeting brought together nearly 4 million supporters, or 20.3% of the public. The market share of the commercial target of women purchasing managers aged under 50 (FRDA-50) amounts to 21.4%.

M 6 is second with “Capital”, its economic magazine presented by Julien Courbet. The evening on “Destockers and discounters” was packed, attracting 2.5 million consumers, for an audience share (PDA) of 14% and a market share on FRDA-50 of 24%, a target on which the channel is in the lead. Two weeks ago, “Capital” had attracted 2.2 million followers (12% PDA).

Small start for season 8 of “Brokenwood”

France 2 follows with the rebroadcast of the film “Les chatouilles” carried by Pierre Deladonchamps. The feature film reached 2.3 million moviegoers, or 11.8% of the entire television audience. When it was first broadcast, in March 2021, the feature film attracted 3.7 million curious viewers (16.1%).

France 3 is at the foot of the podium with the launch of season 8 of “Brokenwood”, its New Zealand detective series. The first episode of the fiction attracted 2 million fans, for a PDA of 10.4%. Last week, the final part of season 3 of “Max Liebermann Investigations” intrigued 1.4 million fans, or 7.2% of the public.

As for other channels, Arte is doing well with the western “El perdido”. This feature film with Kirk Douglas attracted 885,000 lovers of the great outdoors, or 4.6% of the public.

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