TVs will become thinner and brighter with LG’s new OLED.EX technology

LG Display Announces TechnologyOLED.EX, The next generation of OLED screens that will come with a higher brightness by up to 30% compared to today’s OLED screens, in addition to thinner screen edges for thinner and smaller OLED TVs.

LG Display’s new OLED.EX technology joins the flexible and transparent OLED screens that the company introduced ahead of the CES 2022 conference, with the suffix EX being a combination of the words “Evolution” and “eXperience” which signifies them The next ball of OLED technology in light of the much experience the company has gained since introducing these monitors in 2013.

OLED screens use diodes based on organic matter to emit light, with the big change between OLED.EX screens and regular OLED screens being related to the structure of the diode. While in a standard OLED display the diodes incorporate elements of hydrogen, in the new OLED.EX screens the company was able to replace them with a twice as heavy deuterium from hydrogen to create stronger light efficiently, which translates into improved brightness by up to 30%.

OLED.EX technology (LG Display source)

According to the company, the use of the new OLED.EX technology can also reduce the thickness of the TV frame of the OLED screens, while in a 65-inch TV they will be able to reduce the frame from a thickness of 6 mm to 4 mm.

LG is expected to integrate OLED.EX technology into all of the company’s OLED screens, starting in the second quarter of 2022.

A change in the chemical structure behind the OLED display is not as simple as one might think, and the fact that the company has been able to increase the lighting intensity and with it the display quality by up to 30% compared to existing technology, is definitely a significant improvement.

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