Twitch platform confirms data leak – Internet star earnings released

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BAfter a data theft, information on the income of prominent users was published on the Twitch streaming platform. The Amazon subsidiary confirmed unauthorized data access on Wednesday, but initially did not comment on the authenticity of the content. They are working hard to understand the extent, said Twitch Twitter with.

Twitch is mainly used by gamers to broadcast the progress of video games live. The platform produced its own stars that have a large audience.

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Streaming-Plattform Twitch

A stranger had put a large data packet online, which he said also contains the source code behind various Twitch functions. That could have dangerous consequences. “Since source texts have also been leaked, it can be assumed that these are now being searched for further vulnerabilities by other cyber criminals,” said Rüdiger Trost from the IT security company F-Secure. “It is to be expected that more hacks will likely follow the platform,” he therefore warned.

The published data showed, among other things, a large income gap between the most prominent Twitch streamers, some of whom earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, and less popular users. Several streamers confirmed on Twitter that the leaked information about their earnings was correct.


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