two billion objects are piled up in the cupboards of the French

two billion objects are piled up in the cupboards of the French

“While the French are suffering more than ever from inflation, the traditional spring cleaning can be an opportunity to opt for more responsible and less expensive consumption. » Deputy Managing Director of eBay France, Sarah Tayeb, wants to help the French empty their cupboards. According to an Ipsos study for its e-commerce platform published this Thursday, March 2, around 36 objects per person are piled up in French people’s cupboards, i.e. « next to 2 billion ” in total.

“A practical, economical and responsible solution”

46% of them admit having more than 25 objects which they no longer use and which they could resell, even if they are 26% to indicate that they would have difficulty in parting with them. Decorative items are mainly concerned, but there are also high-tech equipment, household appliances, and multimedia. eBay nevertheless wants to be optimistic: 77% of French people sell items online. 87% of under-25s and 80% of women actively participate.

“With inflation, the sale of unused goods can be a real boost to users’ budgets,” souligne Sarah Tayeb. However, individuals will have to remain vigilant, because if their income amounts to more than €3,000 per year on the platforms, they will be obliged to mention these resources in their tax return.

New items more highlighted

On the model of the circular economy, eBay has committed to no longer highlight new items on its interface, to push refurbished items and to no longer participate in major commercial events such as Black Friday. An initially North American, one-day trade event taking place at the end of November. It traditionally marks the start of the end-of-year holiday shopping period when prices are subject to major promotions.

“Via the second hand, we avoided 47,000 tons of waste and saved 1.5 million tons of carbon in 2021 worldwide, welcomes the deputy director of eBay France. It is a practical, economical and responsible solution. »

The opportunity to make a gesture of solidarity

Getting rid of unused objects can also be an opportunity for a solidarity gesture in the form of a donation, on platforms such as Geev,, or even Leboncoin. A possibility that eBay does not allow its users. The platform offers at most the possibility of making monetary donations on “eBay for Charity”, a part of its website available only in English.

“60% of the items put up for sale on specialized sites do not find buyers. Often failing sellers scrap them. The gift is the missing link in the chain,” explains Hakim Baka, co-founder of Geev, which makes it possible to donate reusable objects or even foodstuffs. “This possibility comes in addition to the recovery work carried out by charities, which are often limited in their storage capacity for donations”he adds.

Since its creation in 2017, the Bordeaux platform has saved 200 million euros in purchasing power on the second-hand market. “Geev will soon allow users to consult an estimate of the carbon savings made on each of the available objects, explains Hakim Baka. In this way, everyone will be able to continue to strengthen their ecological commitments. »


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