Two bodies found in the Miami mansion where Versace died on July 15 24 years ago – The Miami Beach villa that belonged to Gianni Versace, where the designer was killed in ’97 by Andrew Cunanan, returns to the scene of a news story: inside the residence the bodies of two men were found by the police. The alarm had been given by the cleaners.

No further details have been provided on the episode, nor is it known if it may be linked to a macabre anniversary: ​​just twenty-four years ago, on July 15, Versace was killed with two gunshots fired by Cunanan, while the designer was returning to his luxury residence.

Versace’s Villa (video Agi)

Versace was 50 years old. The killer, Cunanan, 28, a sex addict who was suspected of other murders, was found dead on a houseboat in a bay a few days later.

Since then the ‘mansion’ has changed its name, becoming The Villa Casa Casuarina, a luxury hotel with ten rooms.



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